Welcome to the Hall of Heroes
Crafted by Players for Players:
The Forgotten Crusade has been developed with care & intentionality to fit our players' needs
 -Northrend meat removed from Beastmaster's list of available Pet Food
 -VIP 1 & 2 Bonus XP rate increased by +5%
 -Flame Leviathan 10/25m fixed with better loot variance
 -Reputation rate gain has been increased to x2
 -RDF XP rewards multiplied by an additional x4
 -XP Rates from Quests & Exploration are now set at x6
 -RDF: Heroic dungeon item level requirements have been reduced
 -Buff Death Knights at level 55: add 2 trinkets & 1 neck to DK's inventory on start
 -Diseased Wolf Starter Quest: kill requirement nerfed from 12 wolves to 10 wolves
 -XP gained from diseased wolves & early mobs have been boosted by 20%
 -Buff [Prism of Icy Resilience] Leveling Trinket (melee): +70 Armor
 -[Essence of Life] now stack up to x50
 -Fixed a spell overproc bug with Prime Guards at Azjol-Nerub
 -Fixed "Mending Fences" -- Correct dwarf spawn location & despawn time
 -Fixed "Hard to Swallow" -- Jormungar explodes when players use Explosive Charges
 -Fixed "Smoke 'Em Out" -- Smoke bomb can be used on mobs while in combat
 -Fixed "Lumber Hack" -- Xink's Shredder Control Device spell #1 now works as intended
 -Fixed "On Ruby Wings" -- Grand Necrolord Antiok now appears after the giant is killed
 -Fixed "Rallying the Troops" -- Rallying giants now correctly grants quest credit
 -Fixed "The Storm King's Vengeance" -- Now gives credit when using spell 4 to kill mobs
 -Fixed "The Drakkensryd" -- No longer displays out of range message
 -Fixed "The Earthen Oath" -- Quest credit is now correctly applied
 -Fixed a glitch with flying gargoyles in Icecrown & Dragonblight
 -Auction House deposit cost reduced by 80% to encourage the use of the AH
 -Violet Hold dungeon now resets as it should on party wipes
 -Fixed Grizzly Hills' small area where players cannot revive in some cases
 -Graveyards have been disabled for Ragefire Chasm & The Deadmines
 -Mage: Fixed Focus Magic Proc when spec is inactive
 -Warrior: Fixed Vigilance Proc when spec is inactive
 -Warrior: Fixed Enrage overriding Deathwish
 -Fixed "Fuel for the Fire" -- Bloated Abomination Flatulate spell no longer stuns players
 -Fixed "Into the pit" -- Reins of the Warbear Matriarch spell #2 now knockbacks as intended
 -Fixed "Into the pit" -- Reins of the Warbear Matriarch now applies correct spell damage
 -Fixed "Cold Hearted" -- Freed protodrake now notifies players to speed up the drake
 -Fixed "Zero Tolerance" -- Servant of Drakuru is now an active quest pet
 -Fixed "Into hostile territory" -- Gryphon now flies players to the destination
 -Fixed "Adding Injury to Insult" -- The Vrykul now engages after players read the letter
 -Fixed "Leading the Charge" -- Players are now boarded on the airplane
 -Fixed "Betrayal" -- Blightblood Troll is now an active quest pet
 -Fixed "Fuel for the Fire" -- Bloated Abomination is now an active quest pet
 -Fixed "Words of Power" -- High Priest Talet-Kha now engages nearby players
 -Fixed "Going Bearback" -- Correctly unmounts player after quest return
 -Fixed Quest Pet Issues sometimes interfering with player's active pet