Welcome to the Hall of Heroes
Crafted by Players for Players:
The Forgotten Crusade has been developed with care & intentionality to fit our players' needs
We are Officially Online!
We've made it through the storm and landed on the most refined version of The Forgotten Crusade! We hope you enjoy what we've managed to put together through multiple months of revisions & fixes.
Winter Veil is Among Us
Winter Veil is among us! All donations made between December 18—24 will receive +50% extra donation points!

Our beta realm has been brought to a close. Additionally, our first realm:
Omens of Chaos will be officially launching at 3 pm GMT on Sunday December 20, 2020 <...>

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Custom Questline: The Forgotten Crusade
A sneak peek of our content that's been released for our closed-beta community:

One additional boss has been added to every raid from Naxxramas all the way to Icecrown Citadel with a storyline following throughout. You can start your raiding journey by ...

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Joining our Beta
Greetings to all new-comers, we hope you're excited for what awaits because we're surely thrilled to welcoming you as a new beta member!

In order to join our beta, kindly send a discord message to @Nerc with your account name after registration to get ...

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Player Housing

You voted for it, so we added it as our next special release: Player Housing has Officially been implemented to the beta list of features that are accessible to all testers! Grab your friends, your license, get creative, and get building!