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Grizzly Hill's ARMAGEDDON

We are happy to announce that the grizzly hills arena has now been released. A free-for-all scenario. A fight for the arena's treasure chest. See you on the battlefield, Crusaders!

Capital City War has been released!

Capital city war has been finalized and pushed to the game! Raid Ironforge as a Horde, or Orgrimmar as an Alliance and contest the opposite faction's capital city territory for a number of minutes to win the war. May the best faction prevail!

You can now acquire your Crusader Rank!

Acquirable Ranks:

  • Crusader Nerc <> VIP 1
  • Grand Crusader Nerc <> VIP 2
  • Master Crusader Nerc <> VIP 3
  • Royal Archon Nerc <> VIP 4
  • Grand Master Nerc <> VIP 5
  • Aion Nerc <> VIP 6