By working on adding extra features, with the ultimate goal of enriching the leveling experience further (whether you choose the custom or blizzlike path) and encouraging an even greater community spirit, we present you with The Banner of the Crusade.

It is not numbers nor strength, that brings victory to war.. It is when one side goes against the enemy with the gods' gift of a higher morale than that of their adversaries! Stand tall & bold; Fearless under the banner of the Crusade!

Needless to say, these banners will boost the morale of nearby crusaders, allowing them to gain rested XP at a much quicker rate than Inns. The only conditions? Be outdoors, and stay in close proximity to the banner(s)!

15x Freshly-cut Wood
8x Iron Bar
8x Silk Cloth
5x Gold Bar

PS: Custom trees are all over the hinterlands zone away from the leveling zone. Get Choppin' to Stock up on some Freshly-cut Wood!

Banner Features:
Lasts for: 10 minutes
Cooldown: 45 minutes
Max Rested XP reward limit (i.e: cap value): +1.5x level
Multiple Crusader Banners stack: up-to 3 banners max: The more banners spawned, the quicker the rested XP needle moves & the higher the amount
Players can summon this banner at their locations of choice (excluding all Instances, indoor areas, and Battlegrounds)
You're able to get your hands on your own Crusader Banner by purchasing it from Grand Master Velanore Boldheart at the Argent Tournament Grounds